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Insurance is allocated with protection of finance and is primarily used as a shield against the risk of contingency. With a huge leap in technological advancement, digital technologies are driving the industry into a whole new level. With introduction to personalized products, advanced analytics and AI and automation for faster claims, there seems to be a healthy and radical change in this sector. In the case of combining AI and ML with insurance, the industry is benefited with

  • Uninterrupted flow of business information
  • Automated chain support
  • Advanced underwriting
  • Predictive analytics for proactive measures
  • Collection of massive data

Due to rapid changes in the demand, we provide solutions that are adaptable and malleable. In N I DRIVE, we make sure that digital process automation concepts are evolved on low risk sophisticated algorithms and machine-learning tools.

We also offer intelligent processes, secured DevOps services, performance management, broader and faster communications, mobility and IoT to our customers.

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