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Embedded Product Engineering Services

Embedded systems are special-purpose computing systems lodged in application environments or in other computing systems and provide specialized support. We partner with our customers to provide a new product development which is capable as well has the sustenance to maintain existing product lines.

Here in N I DRIVE, we pioneer in verticals such as Automotive, Consumer, Network, Semiconductors, IOT Smart Devices and Wearables to make our clients achieve the best performance effectively and credibly.

We take a proven strategy towards cost, performance and additional factors to help our clients dominate the challenges of delivering high-caliber and timely products. We also provide, upgrade and maintain services for products to help extend their life, which is often a key to retain brand reliability and dependability.

With our trained and seasoned engineers who can accomplish all aspects of product development including mechanical, Electrical Engineering, RF design, BSP & driver development, middleware and applications, rapid prototyping, certification support, and mass production with the best standard, our end to end ability helps our customers to build a concept through fabrication and production.

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